Monday, June 12, 2006


The USA lost to the Czechs 3-0 just a bit ago, and although I'm all mopey and not really in the mood to write, I figure my 200 million strong readership would like an update of some sort. And yes, those longer posts promised a while ago are still in the works.

First, soccer will never catch on in the U.S. if our national team continues to play like the Billings JV squad after a Dorritos and ritalin binge. Watching the game today reminded me of watching Illinois basketball: remarkable talent sabotaged by a serious lack of motivation. If I ever coach - and I'm not saying I will, but if I ever do - you can bet my players will be motivated and ready to play, or they will be substituted out. Quickly.

Second, Kathryn came up this weekend and that was pretty awesome. We bought a soccer ball yesterday and kicked it around. While this stocky, 34 year old frame of mine still retains a bit of speed, she surprised me with some quick bursts and sustained speed on breakways, undoubtedly because of her lanky frame... and she was in a damn skirt. If we ever have kids - and I'm not saying we will, but if we ever do - you can bet they're going to be little musical geniuses who outrun cheetahs in their spare time.

Third, if any of Dirk's readers are here, welcome. I should confess right now that the phrase "manwang" isn't mine; I heard it from a friend a few years back when she recommended that I go see Sideways with the warning that "there is some flopping manwang in it, so be ready."

That is all.


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