Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Cold

I've had a cold or something for like two and a half weeks now. It was much more horrible when it first started, but it's still kind of lingering around: I'll randomly cough when I go to bed; I'll wake up with a minor sore throat, I'm congested pretty much all the time.

So yesterday I went to a doctor. He determined that it probably wasn't in my lungs but was definitely in my sinuses - most likely bacterial, and most likely it's been there for a long time. He gave me this bottle of stuff called Zmax, to which one adds water and drinks in one dose. This particular bottle was cherry banana flavored, kind of, and went down pretty well for medicine.

Still a little stuffy today but generally feeling better. According to the label I probably won't really notice for another day or two. Fair 'nuff.

Oh, hey, I'm running again. Right now I'm at about 1 mile per day, which is a hell of a lot for a flabby almost-34-year old.


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