Monday, February 19, 2007

My Mind, It Was Going Le Crazy

Kathryn and I are back in the 5400 after a weekend in Laramie. Good times. And now, well, it's pretty much like a Sunday night except it's Monday.

For many, many, many years, I've tried to remember the title of a movie I saw as a kid. I asked my parents (both of whom really aren't the type to remember movies, especially movies they dragged me to during the Carter administration); I asked my friends at work; I asked Dirk - that infallible repository of bad pop culture - and even he couldn't help me out.

Now in all fairness, the only detail I could come up with was that it had three old guys in it and they wanted to rob a bank. So perhaps I really can't blame anyone for their lack of help.

Tonight I had the brilliant idea to surf around IMDB. I tried a search for Walter Matthau because I was fairly certain he was in it. No joy.

Then I Googled "three old guys rob a bank" and found it: Going in Style, starring George Burns. I might rent it one of these days, but mostly I was just glad to finally - finally! - have that figured out.

One OCD tic down, five thousand eight hundred and three to go.


At 6:40 AM, Blogger dirk.mancuso said...

Sadly, I vaguely remember that movie. Coming out at theaters.

I apologize once more for not being able to summon up all of my considerable pop culture resources and produce the answer for you. However, upon viewing the film in question, I firmly believe you will once more block it from your mind.

At 9:27 AM, Blogger Anna said...

I remember going to see it! We were in Florida on vacation.

Now, do you remember the name of a board game we had that was like checkers, but had little marks on the pieces that made your opponent move as directed?


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