Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Quick Note from Denver

I'm in Denver for the day, and a longer post about the trip is coming. Meanwhile, I just couldn't resist this little gem from CNN.com.

We had a cat like this. Socks' favorite trick early in life was to run full-tilt-boogie from under furniture and climb up your pants leg. It was hilarious or terrifying, depending on whether or not you were the one getting climbed. Same cat used to ride around in the basket on the front of my sister's bike. Same cat used to run away to the local college dorms.

Socks lived to a ripe old age, became diabetic, and eventually went off to the big sunny couch in the sky.


At 8:31 PM, Blogger Rosellen said...

Socks came into our lives as the result of a trip out to the country to pick out a new bush. While we were perusing the possibilities, A and I encountered a litter of kittens; the leader of the clan was a perky black kitten with white paws. We came home with him instead of a new bush.

We subsequently acquired Holly, a mixed breed terrier (perhaps most aptly described by a friend as "a little rat dog") who also was black with white paws. A co-worker regaled us one November morning with the story of how her son's hunting dog discovered two little abandoned pups alone in a field. One of them was dead, the other was barely alive.

"And she's so cute! She's black with little white paws," Ann gushed. I immediately thought: A dog to match the cat. Thus, Holly, after she was further nurtured by the hunting dog for several weeks, joined our household.

No doubt Trout or his sister have further remembrances of our matching pets.


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