Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New Apartment!

Howdy, all!

I spent 7 hours in my truck today, driving to and promptly from my NEW TOWN in order to sign on my NEW APARTMENT. I'm very excited and, incidentally, much lighter in the wallet. It's about two blocks from my employer, it's freshly painted, the closet doors are falling off and the phone jack is dangling by a wire out of the wall, but it's MY NEW APARTMENT!



It was hotter than blue blazes there, and the drive home was Africa hot. As an added bonus I spent the entire trip thinking about how much carbon dioxide I was creating, and also whether or not my kids would ever see snow in their lives. Not that I have kids, but still. This movie will do that to you.

In happier news, the only time I'll ever need a car in my NEW TOWN! is when I drive out of it. In town, I can totally walk to work, the grocery store, and the bar (special note to readers who know precisely which town and which bar I'm talking about: please don't mention either one by name in your comments... wouldn't want my employees reading my blog. - ed.)

That's all for now. Go see An Inconvenient Truth. Right now. Go! Shoo!


At 10:29 PM, Blogger graeme said...

Insanely jealous over here, but am happy for you. One of lives greatest pleasures is being close enough to walk to work, the store, etc.
I will do my best to get across the river to see Inconvenient Truth this weekend. I was hesitant because I thought I'd feel like Al was preaching to the choir (did I spell that right?), but your mad ravings have instilled the need in me to see it.


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