Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Harry Potter Update

Alright, readers, I've finally finished Goblet of Fire and have plunged head-on into Order of the Phoenix, which is darker and somehow more entertaining because of it. I'm about 200 pages in and it just gets better, especially when Harry gets all full of himself teen angst.

A few questions I can't wait to have answered:

1. What exactly is that Hans Gruber Snape fellow up to?
2. Will Ron and Hermione wind up together permanently? I hope so. Rowling better not sucker punch us on that one.
3. What's this big nasty weapon Voldemort has acquired?
4. Who will step up to the plate and give Harry the "time to grow up" speech a la that Star Trek episode when Picard reamed Wesley Crusher after Wesley's piloting skills at the academy got someone killed?
5. Who will die in Order of the Phoenix? Better not be Tonks. I think I might have a literary crush on her. And before anyone gives me any shit for that, let's keep in mind someone else's literary crush.

Alrighty. Back to the book.


At 8:45 AM, Blogger Kathryn said...

You have no idea how geekily delighted I am to read this post. Can't wait until you finish the book!

And not to give myself away...but if I can't give you crap about Tonks, then you have to leave my literary love for Oliver Wood alone too. Deal?

At 9:05 AM, Blogger dirk.mancuso said...

I'm a huge Ron fan, but must say I have secretly been pulling for a Hermione-Draco pairing. With as much venom as they spew at one another, you know the passion would be off the charts. Ron is a great guy, but everyone knows the appeal of the bad boy.

You know once you have finished Order of the Phoenix you are going to have to hop on that bike and pedal yourself right down to the library for Half Blood me.

At 9:18 AM, Blogger Trout said...

Dirk, Kathryn has very kindly loaned me her copy of Half Blood Prince, so I'm set on that front.

Kathryn, honey? No deal. I only say this because of your inability to refrain from sighing longingly every time Oliver Wood graces the screen. So I'm doing us both a favor, you see.

At 9:48 AM, Blogger Kathryn said...

Dirk...did you hear that? That's the sound of millions of Harry Potter fans showing their contempt for that secret hope of yours. Not all girls like the bad boys. Sheesh. inability to refrain from sighing longingly at the sceen? You make me sound like a love-sick 16 year old. Besides I stopped sighing a long time ago, anything you hear now is all in your head.

At 12:37 PM, Blogger david said...

dude, all i know is you just referenced star trek while talking about harry potter. jesus christ.

to answer your questions:

1. snape becomes more and more integral to the plot; unfortunately, i can't tell you what he's up to because i'm not quite sure.

2. ron's gonna give hermione his red-bearded pink steel (to borrow a dirk mancusoism), of this i am sure.

3. not telling.

4. wow are you a dork.

5. not telling, but it'll blow your socks off.


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