Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Good Uses for Blankets

I felt a tickle in my throat yesterday morning, and by the afternoon it has escalated into full-blown assault on my sinuses. I fell asleep sometime in early evening, and by the time Kathryn called at 9:00, I was wavering in and out of consciousness. I vaguely remember talking to her. Apparently I sounded like I was crying.

The rest of the night was a series of fade-ins and fade-outs, centering around me alternating between freezing and broiling on a minute by minute basis. If my night had been a scene in a film, it would have been a montage of sitting up, lying back down, flipping the pillow, and most peculiarly, turning on the shower at about 4am.

I remember thinking a shower would be a great idea, stumbling into the bathroom, and turning on the water. Then I must have gone back to bed, because I woke up sometime later - it might have been a few seconds, it might have been an hour - with steam playing in the bathroom light. So I took the shower and felt marginally better.

At some point, whether before or after the shower I don't remember, I dreamt that my blankets were blocks of raw material. Wood, iron ore, sheet metal - you name it. This came as a relief, because I was able to process the materials into useful things like . . . candle holders. Strange, strange shit.

This morning I felt much better and drove down to Denver to hang out with Kathryn. Tomorrow night I'm heading over to Steamboat to do some fishing with Willie for the weekend. Meanwhile, Kathryn and I are watching Lost because Dirk reminded me that the show is actually pretty cool.

Speaking of Lost, if only two people make it off that island, I hope it's John and Ecko. And maybe the Jerry Garcia looking dude. And the dog. I like the dog.


At 7:48 AM, Blogger dirk.mancuso said...

If only two people make it off that island, it's going to be Jack and Sawyer. Their love is what is going to pull them through.

The producers say the show could really run indefinitely, believing the characters could be seen getting off the island and resuming their lives since LOST is a metaphor for their lives in general.


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